Why Travel by Motorhome?

Freedom, Family Bonding, Pet Accessible, & Environmentally Conscious

Why Travel in a motorhome?

Travelling in a motorhome offers freedom like no other. With a generator on board and propane to fuel cooking appliances, you can enjoy nature wherever you please. Camping beside a lake, finding comfort in staying overnight in a rest stop parking lot, you have the comforts of home.

Considerably Lower Price than a Condominium

Luxury home or cottage prices are on the rise, and you don’t have to be stuck to the same location. Motorhomes are fully contained or self-sufficient which allows you to stay overnight in remote locations. Experience new cities as a local, see what you want rather than limited by a tour operator. Avoid dirty, noisy hotels, overbooked hotels.

The Ford chassis is a reliable motorhome chassis that rarely has problems, if it does simply see your nearest Ford dealer. We provide a Ford maintenance schedule with purchase to know when to service your vehicle to avoid road surprises.


Show your respect for nature

View nature’s scenic beauty and enjoy recreational activities. Spend the day on a kayak, or hiking down a new path. Choose your destination by a lake, ocean, mountain, or provincial/state park. Meet new people and make new friends with a similar taste for adventure. Experience the variety of campgrounds and amenities, and RV resorts with tennis courts, spas, or even an exclusive golf course. There really is something for everyone.

Travelling with children is much easier in a motorhome. In most motorhomes kids can watch TV on the road, rather than squished and fighting in the back seat of a truck. With USB outlets, 110V and 12V outlets readily available at the dinette, it is effortless to plug in a laptop, tablet or gaming device. Seating in the dinette allows kids to play cards, draw, eat, etc. that they are not able to as easily in a truck. Bring your family closer together by sitting around the campfire at night. Play at the pool, playground or beach by day. Camping offers a great bonding experience and outdoor fun.

 Road stops are a breeze as you use your own bathroom facilities and prepare a quick lunch with items from your fridge. If you’re visiting an attraction such as theme park, head out to your motorhome to prepare lunch instead of paying for over-priced fast food. Make healthier food choices with the comforts of home.

Travelling by motorhome is the best way to bring your family pet on vacation. Nearly 50% of RV owners bring a pet on the road. It is a natural alternative to a kennel. Keep pets cool when you leave the car.

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A motorhome often has more green efforts than older houses. You can reduce your carbon footprint by travelling in a motorhome.

Gas mileage can be a controversial topic in a motorhome. However, you are much more aware of gas spending in a motorhome than you are driving your car to work daily. Plan trips ahead to work out the best route to avoid rushing and going over speed limits, and overall spending extra gas. Be mindful of weight from storage and water tank levels to increase MPG.

An RV or small fridge means less waste. Household fridges hold up to 30 cubic feet of food that often goes to waste. The standard fridge size in a motorhome is six cubic feet, 8, 10, 12, and 18 are other sizes available depending on manufacturer and the length of the coach. A smaller fridge may require more trips to the grocery store, however planning meals goes a long way to stock a fridge with what you will consume.

Water efficiencies are abundant in a motorhome as travellers are enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. Showers are often much faster due to a limit of fresh water on the road, hot water availabilities, and the size of the shower, travellers are much more conscious about the amount of water that they are consuming. Most RV showers also have a switch to shut off water flow when shampooing, etc. The low flush toilets use a fraction of water that is used in a household toilet. Washing dishes is another task that is completed with water conservation in mind.

Energy efficiencies are also important in a motorhome. Heating and air conditioning in a motorhome requires less power in its small space compared to heating or cooling an entire home. LED lights are a common trend in motorhomes; lighting that contributes less heat and uses less energy has become a necessity in the industry. Other items such as televisions are also selected with energy consumption in mind. Dry camping or Boondocking is a popular trend; most RVs are equipped with 12 volt TVs and other conveniences that run off the 12V coach batteries rather than a generator or propane.

RVs are tested and certified by TRA Certification for Certified Green RVs. RVs are rated by bronze, silver, gold, emerald. For example, class c motorhomes by Forest River Inc are rated overall Gold placing gold in resource, energy, and water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. Operation and maintenance placed emerald. “In-plant recycling of cardboard, metal, styrofoam, wire; sinks/showers made with recycled material. LED exterior lighting(some interior); Energy Star compliant TV; use of Azdel, a lightweight material. Low flow showerhead & kitchen faucet; facility test water is recycled. Green-compliant hard flooring; low VOC interior adhesives & sealants; low VOC insulation; Azdel interior walls (low VOC). Owner’s manual that addresses energy efficient lighting, the importance of water & energy conservation & organic cleaners; dealer training of RV owners. 100% of units are tested in rain booth using recycled water; outdoor shower & speakers promote outdoor living.”


There are many benefits to travelling in a motorhome, and each travelling experience is different as there are endless possibilities of areas to discover across North America.
Explore your country and enjoy the time that you have to travel!
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