ZAMP Portable Solar Panels

Forest River Sunseekers are Pre-wired for ZAMP Solar Panel Charging

Compatible with our Forest River Sunseekers Only.

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ZAMP plug as seen beside the entry door of a Sunseeker motorhome.

Suggested models produce:

ZS-160-P: 8.9 amps per hour

ZS-200-P: 11.4 amps per hour
All of the above amps per hour are under perfect sunlight conditions, ranging from the hours of about 9 am to about 6 pm, depending on the time of year.
The Sunseeker sidewall port to handle up to 250 watts of solar.
For information about RV Solar panels from ZAMP visit their website here. 
See the ZAMP Portable solar kiRV Solar, RV Solar Ontariots description on their website.
Each kit comes with a 15 amp waterproof/weatherproof digital deluxe solar charge controller already mounted on an EZ-View bracket, 16 feet of UV rated and resistant wire with the new solar plug system with battery terminal clamps and a ballistic nylon carrying case. New sliding legs, no nuts and bolts to tighten. Easy to set up, just fold out the legs, open the panel and plug in wire.
ZAMP is a reliable quality solar panel manufacturer made in the USA. Forest River has selected to equip Sunseeker motorhomes with pre-wiring for ZAMP portable solar panels. Just plug the UV wire to the outlet on the side wall and the clamps to the panel.

ZAMP solar panels require little maintenance. Keep glass clean, store in a safe place and your solar panel will last you many years. ZAMP offers a 25 year power output warranty.

Freedom to charge your batteries wherever you are! Save money from using your generator to charge your batteries when dry camping or stopping in a remote area for one night.

Safe, clean, quiet energy production that does not require engine or mechanical maintenance. No fumes or fuel to burn, no disruption to the peace that you’ve been searching for.

ZAMP's Video Description


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