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2019 Forest River Sunseeker

More value for your dollar in top features! New Class C Motorhomes For Sale in Ontario.

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Ford Chassis Information

Introducing the only class c brand on the market to offer 7,500 lb towing capacity on the Ford E450! This is available due to the full chassis extension rather than tapered extensions that other brands offer, see photo below. Other Ford E450 cutaway chassis features include 6.8 L V10 engine, 6-speed SelectShift Auto Transmission with 305 horsepower and 420 lb.-ft of torque @3,250 RPM. The Ford cab has cruise control, a wipeable vinyl flooring, 208L capacity gas tank, and ABS braking system. Ford warranties include 24/7 hotline for nearest appropriate service location, assistance in scheduling an appointment, service assistance for motorhome customers with Ford chassis related concern at 1-800-444-3311. Warranty includes 5 years roadside assistance no charge for the following; flat tire changes, jump start for a dead battery, gasoline if out of fuel, vehicle lock-out service, and towing to the closest dealer. Ford motorhome chassis have a 3 year (or 36,000 miles) bumper to bumper limited warranty, and a 5 year (or 60,000 miles) powertrain limited warranty, whichever occurs first. Further, corrosion protection for sheet metal manufactured and installed by Ford is protected against rust for 5-years with unlimited miles. Statistics in May 2015 conclude 70% of class c buyers select a motorhome built on a Ford chassis. For more information about the Ford chassis, see the owners manual here.forest river motorhome full chassis frame extension

Build Construction

With the powerful and reliable Ford chassis to start, Forest River takes care of building the Sunseeker with top features and designed to last many many years of travel.

RV construction is important when researching a motorhome brand. The fiberglass front cap is a standard option in Sunseekers’, no worries of buying a unit without this crucial piece. A motorhome protected by fiberglass and scaring leaks away, and it’s a dream come true! Note that the seals wrap around the sides of the unit and overlap the fiberglass roof. This method is the most effective for class c leak protection. There are two bunk windows located on the sides of the bunk bed, not the front. Further, the walls are built thicker than competing manufacturers and have an attractive appeal that will outlast others. Sunseeker motorhomes are built with 2” fiberglass walls and premium gel coat on top; coloured fiberglass walls are not needed as the white will stay bright without sun fading! The gel coat reflects light to keep your unit cooler! The premium gel coat is easier to keep clean and through testing lasts years longer than coloured fiberglass, also will not fade to yellow like older RVs.

The integrated step is on all floorplans. This high traffic area is lowered for easier access without a power step to fail, rust or kick you on your way inside the coach. The step well consists of steel with rubber coverings on the steps. Watch out for entry areas with carpet hiding wooden step wells bound to rot from rainwater. The two house batteries are concealed in the top step for a weather corrosion free area.


Some other great features that are standard in the Sunseeker are:
  • All LED lights inside and outside the coach make the coach energy efficient and last longer.
  • Multi-function Pioneer touchscreen radio: Bluetooth calling, Bluetooth or AV MP3 play, radio, and CD play. Ready to add GPS module and/or Sirius Radio.
  • Back up camera has a colour monitor and many other features. There is a microphone included in the camera outside and speaker inside; this is helpful when getting directions from your passenger outside when backing into a campsite. It can also be used a rear view mirror by turning camera monitor on in drive position. Side view cameras are standard on Sunseeker models (LE not included), and they are mounted on the sidewall of the motorhome for a 170 degree wide low point view. The side cameras are blinker activated to show your blind spot when turning or changing lanes. The side cameras are meant to be an additional check after viewing side mirrors.
  • All Sunseeker floorplans have interior 7′ ceilings for added headroom and open feeling.
  • Quality vinyl flooring withstands camping and winter storage. It is resistant to cracking by cold temperatures with warranty for seven years. Non-slip and stain resistant. Another bonus feature with the shade of flooring is that dirt is camouflage.
  • A whole house water filtration system for drinkable water and keeps tanks clean. This is particularly useful in saltwater destinations to keep holding tanks, faucets, and sinks clean.
  • Quality woodwork with full extension ball bearing drawers. Space is used efficiently for storage.
  • Dream dinette in select models (2250S, 2850SLE, 2860DS, 3050S, 3250SLE, 3270S) with hydraulic arm system, simple way to convert the dinette into a sleeping area. Measurements 42″ x 68″. The dream dinette includes two seat belts.
  • U-Dinette is available on select models (2290S, 2300 LE, 2420MS, 2500TS, 3010DS) offers a restaurant-style booth comfortable for four people to eat a meal. The tabletop swivels on a pedestal to enter seat or reach overhead cabinets and locks in place for travel. Measurements 44″ x 82″. The u-shaped dinette includes four seat belts.
  • Utility station has enclosed tanks that are heated by furnace ducts. If your furnace is on, you are keeping your water components warm. Outside shower equipped to clean out utility station.
  • Black tank flush available on all models. This feature will clean off the black tank sensors, remove waste that is stuck and wash away unwanted smells. With the sewer hose connected to a dump station, only connect the water line to the black tank flush opening, open the black tank termination valve and turn on the water line.
  • 2019 Sunseeker models are equipped with light Dometic toilets and sprayer wands. The sprayer wand is used for adding water down the toilet to fill the black tank for easy dumping. Another use is cleaning the inside of the toilet bowl.
  • Firestone Ride-Rite Air Helper Springs are a Sunseeker standard feature. Air suspension is used for a smooth ride, controlling bounce and ideal for lifting the rear end of the coach when towing a car or trailer. To fill the air bags, use an air compressor to fill the port located in the compartment directly after the rear tires on both sides of the motorhome. Ideal PSI when driving is 30-45 for both sides of the unit. When towing a vehicle, Forest River testing found 60PSI to level the back end of the coach and control stability. Ride-Rite air suspension holds a minimum of 5 and 100 lbs maximum PSI. Check the airbag levels with a tire pressure gauge. Inflate or deflate bags based on your preference. Airbags are located above the rear tires and are separate for the driver and passenger side to adjust side to side; for example, a full wall slide motorhome may find more weight on the side with the slide out and fill more air to level out the coach.
  • Blackout Roller Shades – residential blackout blinds are easy to use and outlast pleated nightshades.
  • Do you bring lots of comforts from home when traveling? Know that you’ll have enough space to bring extras with pass through storage in every unit! This is possible due to the 7” step midship.



How does the Sunseeker stand up against tough Canadian winters?

Heated and enclosed tanks are standard on Sunseeker Motorhomes, excluding TS, MBS and LE. Having a motorhome gives you the ability to escape severe winter. If you plan on leaving in January or February when the temperatures are likely to be the coldest, turn on your propane furnace and your enclosed tanks will be heated by a direct source. This means no worries on the way to your warmer destination.

Also, the arctic package option features heated pads on the holding tanks. When the switch at the control panel is on, the heating pads automatically turn on when they reach below 7 degrees Celcius and turn off when the temperature warms to 18 degrees Celcius. The pads operate on 12V power. There must be liquid in the tanks and outside temperature near freezing to turn on the arctic package.

What about insulation? With an R-value of 9.5 the Sunseeker has the highest R-value of class C’s in the industry! Comparable brands offer R-7.5 which will not stand up to cold temperatures as well as a Sunseeker. Also, a higher R-value means better sound barrier. Insulation should be a purchasing factor when buying an RV in Canada.
Forest River motorhomes are built with water and moisture resistant Azdel Superlite composite material wall panels in place of traditional Lauan plywood panels that other manufacturers use. These sidewall panels are 50% lighter in weight than Lauan, and offer peace of mind as they are rot and mold resistant, puncture resistant and increase sound barrier and insulation value. In total, the sidewalls are 2″ thick and have an aluminum frame with an entire fiberglass body. The roof is walkable for inspecting seals and is crowned to shed water with a small gutter spout to drain, keeping water off the coach.


Additional Sunseeker Features

While you’re on the road or staying in a parking lot take comfort in knowing that your Sunseeker motorhome is self-sufficient. When you need heat, open your 46L propane tank and turn on your 30,000 BTU furnace. When you need 110V power for your A/C, etc. use your coach convenience/control panel to start up your 4,000 Watt Cummins Onan Microquiet generator that runs from the gas tank, set at 1/4 of the gas tank for enough fuel to reach a gas station. Equipped with a generator auto transfer switch, you do not need to get out of the coach to plug the unit into the generator. The only reason you’ll need to look at the generator outside is to check the air filter and oil level. The generator can start from outside if preferred. The generator is located in the first storage compartment on the driver’s side to ensure that the driver can hear the generator running if using while driving.

Additional standard features include an 11 to 18’ power awning with bug-free LED lighting strip which is a great add-on to the traditional orange light. The rear of the unit includes a roof ladder to enable cleaning and check the condition of seals (not available on LE or TS models). Each slide out system is equipped with powerful gears. Each room slide out has a slide topper otherwise known as an automatic weather protective awning to ensure dirt, debris, and leaves stay outside!


sunseeker sofa,sunseeker furniture The ultimate comfort in a motorhome, kick back relax and buckle in for the ride!

Upgraded leather furniture with multi-purpose. Layouts that have a sofa have the jackknife sofa that turns into a large sleeping area. They also have footrests and a center console for an armrest and cup holders.






2019 Sunseeker countertopIntroduced in 2016, Sunseeker’s have a “no seam” counter built from a pressurized laminate. Laminate counters without a rounded profile tend to peel up around the edges and are susceptible to water damage. This feature increases kitchen durability and makes it noticeably solid. Sure to last years of camping!
As a standard feature, each layout has a counter extension for additional preparation space. Select floorplans (2700DS, 3010DS, 3050S) include a circle cutout on the kitchen counter and a garbage container in the cabinet below the counter, as a drop-down garbage.
In addition to the counter, this laminate counter is also made for the dinette table top, bathroom vanity, and bedside boards.





Atwood Water Heater Information (click here)

Atwood XT 6 Gallon Water Heater

These are efficient, light weight, high recovery mobile water tanks that we are happy to see as a standard feature in the Sunseeker line. Up to 18 Gallons of hot water per hour.

Six gallons of water is held in the tank at a time and heats using propane (LP Gas). Water heats faster with a combination of propane and electric (when plugged in or using generator). There are 2 simple switches inside the coach on the control panel to turn on gas and electric supply for the water heater.

Pumps 18 gallons (actual usage) of regeneration per hour with propane gas and electric power on at the same time. This recovery is higher than heavy 10 or 12 gallon hot water heaters. Propane supply only provides 11.5 gallons of hot water per hour. Great for families at bathing time!

Lighter option: the lightweight aluminum tank consumes less space. The 6 gallon tank weighs 70 lbs when full. A 10 gallon tank weighs over 100 lbs at full.

The Atwood XT uses 27% less propane than traditional water heaters. It requires 8,800 BTUs per hour compared to other sized water heaters that use 12,000 BTUs per hour.

Better water pressure than On Demand systems means that you have a cleaner and faster shower using less water.

atwood water heater

The efficient flue tube design maximizes surface area by winding throughout the tank.

Directly from Atwood: 


Serviceable – 95% of all serviceable components are accessible through the exterior door. This reduces service time and virtually eliminates the need for service personnel to enter your coach.


Multiple protection features – Problems are prevented with the high temperature limit switch, thermostat, and pressure and temperature relief valve. An externally sealed combustion chamber keeps the outside of the unit clean.


Pre-skin installation – Atwood water heaters can be installed and tested on the coach floor before the sidewalls are set in place. This gives manufacturers more flexibility and virtually eliminates potential problems by testing the unit before the skinning is installed.


Matching access doors – Atwood access doors are painted with tough, durable paint in a variety of popular colors which ensures a clean and attractive exterior.


Mounting options – All 6 and 10 gallon models can be mounted flush into the RV sidewall for an integrated, attractive appearance.


Aluminum clad tank – Less weight and the cladding eliminates the need for an anode rod.


Forgiving incalloy element – Each Atwood electric water heater is equipped with a high quality incalloy heating element designed to withstand accidental operation on an empty tank. The electrical system is ignition protected and meets UL specifications. “Burn Out resistant.

View the Online Owner's Manual

Forest River Class C Online Manual

Current Sunseeker Floorplans

Want to see the full list of current floorplans? See the Forest River website

Standard Feature – Top of the Line Battery Converter.

Even small components make a big difference. Each Sunseeker is equipped with a 60 Amp Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power battery converter with super charge wizard.

This battery converter has 4 modes that keep battery life healthy, charge quickly, reduce drainage, and control through temperature

The Charge Wizard constantly monitors battery voltage and battery usage then selects one of the following four operating modes to properly charge and maintain the battery.

BOOST Mode 14.4 Volts – Rapidly brings the RV battery up to 90% of full charge.

NORMAL Mode 13.6 Volts – Safely completes the charge.

STORAGE Mode 13.2 Volts – Maintains charge with minimal gassing or water loss.

EQUALIZATION Mode 14.4 Volts – Every 21 hours for a period of 15 minutes prevents battery stratification & sulfation – the leading cause of battery failure.

Returned the battery to 90% of full charge in approximately 3-hours. The battery reached full charge in approximately 11 hours.

Read more at Progressive Dynamics Website.

Progressive Dynamics have the elminated problems leading to battery failure for your RV battery to outlast batteries charged on other converters.

In addition to these great features mentioned above, these units are equipped with:

  • Electronic current limiting in case of power short or overload.
  • Cooling fans that activate with solid state temperature sensors.
  • Automatic thermal protection if the converter ventilation area is blocked it will reduce output to prevent damage to the converter
  • Low voltage protection useful in campgrounds with low AC voltage lines the converter will shut down to protect your RV’s appliances
  • High voltage protection – will return to normal operation when corrected.
  • Reverse battery protection

Read more here.

An often overlooked feature that has a big impact on your RV’s battery life and appliances. Each Sunseeker is equipped with these reliable A/C D/C battery converters.

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