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2019 Forest River Sunseeker Construction

Forest River starts with the Ford chassis then builds the Sunseeker construction to last many years of travel.

RV construction is important when researching a motorhome brand. The fiberglass front cap is a standard option on  the Sunseeker. Have no worries of buying a Sunseeker without this crucial piece.

Note that the front cap seals wrap around the sides of the unit and overlaps the fiberglass roof. This method is the most effective method for class c leak protection. The solid fiberglass roof is walk-able, durable against tree branches, easy to check seals/ caulking for maintenance. A small gutter spout is added on the front and rear corners to drain water off the coach. This ensures that pesky black lines don’t run down the walls.

There are two small windows located on the sides of the bunk bed. Windows are no longer located on the front cap of a class c motorhome because they caused much damage in the past.

Further, a Sunseeker sidewall measures 2″ thick and consists of an aluminum frame, and premium gel coat or gloss on top. Comparable RV manufacturers use 1″ sidewalls so ask about wall construction when considering another RV brand.


Gel Coat

Comparable RV manufacturers use fiberglass that is “soaked” in paint to avoid using a gel coat on top. Gel coat reflects light to keep your unit cooler, which is beneficial in warm temperatures. A gel coat is easier to keep clean with seasonal washes and creates a glossy shine that makes your motorhome stand out against others.
In addition, it provides protection against yellow fade like older RVs.
Found through testing, a fiberglass wall with a gel coat lasts years longer than coloured fiberglass.

Integrated Entry Steps

sunseeker construction, sunseeker house batteries

All floorplans have integrated entry steps because it is a high traffic area. RVer’s know that power steps require lube maintenance, consume battery power and bruise chins. This seemingly small feature makes a big difference in your RV journey!

The step well consists of steel with rubber coverings on the steps. Watch out for entry areas with carpet hiding wooden step wells bound to rot from rainwater.

Sealed in the top step, the two house batteries are located in a weather corrosion free area. The batteries are interchangeable, connected to the Progressive Dynamics battery converter and wired for portable solar panels.

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