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Forest River Sunseeker Dealer

We strive to offer you RV brands that are the best value for your dollar and will create lasting joyous memories.

We are dedicated to searching RV brands for the most trouble free motorhome around and under $100,000 – or the best RV value on the market. We strive to serve the best motorhome product in Ontario for the best price. At our family business, we offer our product knowledge and experience to assist you in finding the motorhome that best suits your needs. We keep our prices low and value high!

Motorhome selection can be tough.

If you’re overwhelmed with which RV brands and features are right for you, which length will fit your needs, or it’s your first time in a motorhome, let us know. If along the way you need guidance in selecting the RV that is right for you, contact us by phone, email or on the lot for assistance and experience. We have free consultation services available to help you find the motorhome of your dreams.

The brand we believe to be the best on the market.

Forest River’s Sunseeker has proven value with the number of features included in the low price.
More information available on Forest River’s website here.


Free package with purchase of new motorhome.

With the purchase of a new motorhome, we supply a complimentary starter package that includes accessories, fuel, memberships, a comprehensive walkthrough demonstration at pickup and refresher within a year, and more. See what else comes with purchase here.

Why travel by motorhome?

Travelling in a motorhome offers an experience like no other. No need to find a restaurant to use the bathroom and get a bite to eat, just pull over to use your facilities and kitchen! Travel where you want, when you want. Bring the family together, and the family pet. Meet new people and make new friends with a similar taste for adventure. Experience your country and tour like a local. See more benefits on this page.


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