Sunseeker Insulation

Made with Azdel Superlite Panels, Heated & Enclosed Tanks

How does the Sunseeker stand up against tough Canadian winters?

Sunseeker insulation begins with heated and enclosed water tanks. They are standard on Sunseeker class c motorhomes; excluding TS, MBS and LE. If you have a motorhome you want to be able to escape severe winter weather. If you leave Ontario in January or February when the temperatures are likely below freezing, turn on your propane furnace and the tanks will be heated by a direct duct. This means no worries on the way to your warmer destination.

Likewise, the arctic package option features heated pads on the holding tanks. When the switch at the control panel is on, the heating pads automatically turn on when they reach below 7 degrees Celsius and turn off when the temperature warms to 18 degrees Celsius. The pads operate on 12 volt power. There must be liquid in the tanks and outside temperature near freezing to turn on the arctic package.


What about Sazdel, sunseeker insulation, winter sunseekerunseeker insulation?

With an R-value of 9.5 the Sunseeker has the highest R-value of class C’s in the industry! Comparable brands offer R-7.5 which will not stand up to cold temperatures as well as a Sunseeker. Also, a higher R-value means better sound barrier. Insulation should be a purchasing factor when buying an RV in Canada.
Forest River motorhomes are built with Azdel Superlite wall panels in place of traditional Lauan plywood panels that other manufacturers use.

These sidewall panels are 50% lighter in weight than Lauan, and offer peace of mind as they are rot and mold resistant, puncture resistant and increase sound barrier and insulation value.

Sunseeker motorhomes use Azdel Composite Panels to replace wood in the sidewalls. An Azdel Panel is manufactured with a blend of polypropylene and fiberglass. They create an extremely strong and lightweight wall.

In total, the sidewalls are 2″ thick and have an aluminum frame with an entire fiberglass body.


For more information about the Sunseeker by Forest River click here.

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